Aalto Co-Educator for Programme Directors

Curriculum development, done by programme directors and teaching teams, is pivotal for education development. Are you interested in elaborating on the meaningful connections between your programme and the cross-cutting themes? Are you wondering about how to integrate the themes into your programmes? The Aalto Co-Educator team is here to support you!
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What we can do together

Our aim is to collaborate with the programme teaching team throughout the entire programme development process – from mapping the current state of the curriculum and goal setting to programme self-evaluation. We support you via activities such as curriculum mapping and facilitating workshops for the programme's teaching team.

Understanding and addressing sustainability-related challenges

Knowledge of sustainability-related challenges and their systemic, value-related nature. Ability to contribute with one’s field-specific expertise to shaping desired futures. Ability to relate and be sensitive to others.

Driving for viable solutions to open-ended challenges

Ability to identify challenges, ideate, experiment and implement feasible, user-centric interventions that contribute to shaping desired futures. Capability, courage and perseverance for acting in an environment of risks and uncertainty.

Nurturing creativity in teams and individually

Ability to provide alternative framings and seek novel perspectives. Ability to participate in and facilitate creative processes and to collaborate across disciplines.

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Aalto Co-Educator Meets Programmes

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Integrating Aalto’s Cross-Cutting Themes into Leading Tech Programmes

Discover how solutions for sustainability, entrepreneurial mindset and radical creativity have been integrated into the NanoElectronics programme. 

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