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Career Design Agent

As a Career Design Agent, you can share your personal career story, engage in career prototyping conversations, lead a career design peer group or contribute your expertise in a career workshops or events.

As predictable career paths are disappearing, we need more than ever creativity and collaboration to envision sustainable solutions for a meaningful career. As a Career Design Agent, you can help Aalto students navigate in this rapidly transforming world of work by sharing your own experiences. You can also take the lead in helping other alumni – and yourself! – in career redesign by starting an alumni peer group. 

Tell students about your experiences 

Nothing is more inspiring and useful for students in their career exploration than our alumni's unique career stories. As an alumni agent, you can tell your story at an event or webinar or have it written out to be shared on our website.   

Alumni of the School of Business can share their experience also in school-specific career events. Read more here

Engage in single-session career conversations  

In career design workshops and courses, Aalto students need to ideate and experiment with possible career options. One of their tasks is to prototype their ideas by interviewing people already in the field. Career Design agents are designated alumni who the students can look up in out our Alumni Circle platform to ask for a prototype conversation.    

Contribute your expertise in a career workshop  

We run several career workshops and webinars for our students throughout the year, often collaborating with our partners. Share your expertise on job search, career development or a given professional/industrial field as a co-facilitator in our career workshops. By filling out your areas of expertise in the Alumni Circle profile, we will contact you when we have a workshop where you could share your knowledge.  

Lead a career design peer group  

Perhaps you would like to design your career and collaborate with other alumni in experimenting with new ideas to craft your path? As a Career Design Agent, you can take the lead in starting a peer design group in the Alumni circle Circle and coordinating your meetings. A peer design group can focus on a career change, inclusion, wellbeing or any other theme that resonates with your group at this point of your career. You can either look for peers with similar career interests in the Alumni Circle or take one of our career redesign workshops and find your peers there.    

Interested in becoming a Career Design Agent?

  1. Register or log into the Aalto Alumni Circle, which is a digital community for all alumni and students;
  2. Update your data and select 'Career Design' in your profile. Summarise your skills and interests and let others know in which matters, and how, to reach out to you;   
  3. Go to the tab named 'Groups' and join the 'Aalto Alumni Career Design Agents' group. This is an information sharing and discussion group for all Career Design Agents.
  4. Read Aalto Alumni agents kick-off materials (Log in the 

Become an Alumni Agent

As an Alumni Agent, you'll find exciting ways to be part of the Aalto community and learn new.

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