WUUD - Novel wooden cladding solutions

WUUD modifying technology adds new properties to wood and offers elegant and durable possibilities for wood architecture and interior design.
wall of a building with new cladding solutions, 3d render by Hemmo Honkonen
Visualisation of a facade covered with WUUD embossed panels, image by Hemmo Honkonen.
 Embossed wooden panels
Embossed wooden panels, image by Emilia Pennanen.

Traditional wooden exterior cladding often falls short when it comes to durability and fire safety. Furthermore, limited progress has been made in the visual design of wooden cladding products. In the construction industry, there is a growing need for wooden products that combine durability, aesthetics, non-toxicity and fire safety perspectives.  

WUUD addresses these challenges. The embossed, ready-to-install panels have appealing visual patterns in different colours. The aim is enhanced durability and fire retardancy while providing up to 50 years of maintenance freedom. 

The aesthetically beautiful wood is formed via a processing method that is based on the thesis and related patent of interior architect Hemmo Honkonen. WUUD is a pioneering research project that integrates mechanical and chemical wood processing technologies into a sustainable manufacturing process. 

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Detail of embossed wooden surface, by Emilia Pennanen.
Detail of embossed wooden surface, image by Emilia Pennanen.

Our team

The WUUD team comprises product development, commercialization and design professionals. Currently, manufacturing and chemical treatment is under development, with research-to-business funding scheduled to conclude by the end of June 2024. Following that, WUUD will seek architects, builders and seed funding to further propel their vision. 

Team members: 

  • Hemmo Honkonen, School of Arts, Design and Architecture 
  • Vesa Jääskö, School of Chemical Engineering 
  • Halvar Meinhard, School of Chemical Engineering 
  • Lauri Rautkari, School of Chemical Engineering 
WUUD wooden panel

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Novel wooden cladding solutions

Wood crystals on a black fabric.

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