Writing scientific journal articles - lecture for doctoral candidates

The lecture provides young researchers and doctoral candidates with an understanding of how to write peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, with the aim of motivating doctoral candidates to start writing sooner. (This will be organised as a webinar)
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This lecture will be organised as a webinar; a link will be added here at a later stage.

This lecture provides doctoral candidates with a profound knowledge of what is a scientific article and what publishing in a peer-reviewed scientific journal entails. The doctoral candidates will learn how to approach and write a scientific journal article effectively.

Please note that no ECTS are given from this lecture.


  1. Practical tips for writing scientific articles
  2. Improving chances for acceptance
  3. Article logic, beginning and end
  4. Editor's viewpoints
  5. Group dynamics for writing articles
  6. Discussion



During the past ten years, Dr Pekka Belt has given lectures and longer courses in many Finnish universities for doctoral candidates, from different fields, on writing doctoral dissertations and scientific articles. He has also run a three-year project where he helped doctoral candidates with their efforts to write articles or the entire dissertation.

'Covered thoroughly all the required parts of writing an article.'

'Excellent and useful lecture especially for an early-stage doctoral candidate'

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