Writing in Art, Design & Architecture (3 ECTS)

Develop your skills in producing texts related to art, design and architecture
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Please notice that this page is for the 2020 edition of the course. You may browse the page to find out what this course is all about. For information on courses for summer 2021, please see




3 ects


Tuition fee students: 600€ 
Aalto and nominated students: 0€


In this course, students develop their skills in producing texts related to art, design and architecture. Since the writing process parallels the stages of working in many of these fields of art, design and architecture, this course also goes through the stages of generating and developing ideas, exploring points of views, researching, revising, structuring and co-editing text. The course combines elements of both creative and academic or professional writing, which may include composing job applications, artist/designer statements and the like. The initial writing exercises start with a more creative approach incorporating exploration, reflection and other such techniques. As students gain confidence in writing, the course moves to address formal and academic or professional writing. In addition to the differences between formal and informal writing, the course covers formal text structure as well as cohesion and coherence. Throughout the course, students collaborate with their peers through brainstorming, sharing ideas, responding to each other’s writing, and giving feedback.

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