Writing Doctoral Research for Technology (3 ECTS)


Please notice that this page is for the 2020 edition of the course. You may browse the page to find out what this course is all about. For information on courses for summer 2021, please see




3 ects


Tuition fee students: 600€ 
Aalto and nominated students: 0€


As part of this course, students must bring samples of their written research. In other words, your scientific publications form a core part of the course. During the course, students work to improve their writing as they apply skills and techniques introduced in the course. The course content will include aspects of writing, such as
- Internal organisation of a text, including sequencing of information, paragraph writing and sentence structures
- Appropriateness to the reader (i.e. the target audience), including structuring of material, sentence and paragraph length, and vocabulary choice
- Clarity of the message (language structure, referencing, and cohesiveness)
- Writing effective sentences, paragraphs as well as abstracts, introductions, and conclusions
- Argumentation and researcher positioning/stance
- Editing for clarity and precision

The coursework will enable participants to write more effectively and with greater confidence for an international readership. In response to student needs, the course design includes individual and pair exercises, analysis, and criticism, all of which focus on training participants with specific tools for producing written material appropriate to the needs of an international readership. Simultaneously, students will be guided in recognising stylistic and organisational features of academic writing common to formal written English in their specific fields. As part of feedback, students submit their writing for teacher and peer review.

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