WiTLAB Side Event at UIA Copenhagen

Welcome to WiTLAB's side event at the UIA World Congress of Architects CPH 2023 Tuesday 4th of July in Copenhagen!

The main agenda of this event is the launching of the new Aalto WiT Programme and a workshop around its themes.

WiT (World in Transition) Programme is a new 5-month post-master diploma programme at Aalto University, intended for professionals in the fields of  architecture, engineering, management, design,  economy  and  sociology,  who are passionate about building a better global future. The  programme  focuses  on resilience of human settlements and aims to bridge theory and practice in the field of development and global crises.

The WiT Programme Launching and Workshop event is meant for informing all interested partners about the new programme, and hosting a workshop on the thematic areas of humanitarian architecture and disaster risk prevention, cultural locality and empathetic design, transferable learning, systems thinking, resilience and sustainability.
WiTLAB side event at UIA 2023
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