Wear the future!

Slow and more sustainable textiles, clothing and fashion systems.
Black font stating "Wear the future." and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.
Visual identity design: Milja Komulainen & Hares Bassil

Clothes matter. Dressing up is a form of imagination and self-expression. It’s one way we distinguish Saturday from Monday, work from holiday and night from day. It’s part of belonging to a culture and a time period.

If we want to keep enjoying fashion and cut down our carbon footprint, we have to take care of the clothes we already have. So, mend that old cardigan and swap wardrobes with a friend, but significant lifestyle changes are only possible if we also make broader systemic shifts.

Your future wardrobe can be a sumptuous collection of upcycled garments and high-tech clothes, such as sun-powered textiles, floral leather and modular outfits. Materials and colours in your future garments can be sourced from a field or forest, leftover materials or agricultural side streams, like willow bark or onion skins.

Slow style, not fast fashion.

Explore these science and design collaborations that pave the road towards a better future. Welcome to visit the exhibitions also in person during 7.9. - 12.10. (Väre, Otaniementie 14).

Colour photo of a human hand holding a cattail flower that is spilling fluffy seeds on a black background

Fluff Stuff: Textile fillings from rewetted peatlands

An exhibition featuring prototype textile products and fillings, ranging from interior textiles to fashion apparel.

Shimmering Wood sneaker designed by by Noora Yau & Konrad Klockars. Photo: Kalle Kataila

Wardrobe of the Future

An exhibition of prototypes of state-of-the-art textiles, clothing and fashion innovations from Aalto. These aren't design science fiction: they’re already well on their way to becoming reality.


Better Balance In The Fashion System

What are the most effective ways to reduce the environmental load of fashion? Through new business understanding and new design strategies.

Sample of Norratex

New textile applications from underutilized plant-based side streams

This exhibition showcases a new method to produce textiles from cellulose-rich raw material without the use of toxic chemicals or expensive solvents.


Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022: Life 1.5

Read more about our main theme and explore the projects of the other sub-themes:

Life 1.5 in black font and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.

Black font stating "What's the future made of?" and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

What's the future made of?

Planet-friendly alternatives for materials, mindsets and architecture.

Black font stating "What's on the menu?" and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

What's on the menu?

Better alternatives for food, food systems and packaging.


The event is a part of Helsinki Design Week’s official festival programme and a World Circular Economy Forum 2022 (WCEF) side event. Aalto University is also one of the EU's New European Bauhaus partners.

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Designs for a Cooler Planet
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