Visiting lecture by John Gero: "Your mind and brain on design"

What happens in your brain and mind when you design? Drawing from different disciplines and methods, like cognitive science, AI and clinical brain research, John Gero explains what is going on in the brains of designers while they design.
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What happens in your mind and brain when you design?

Recent advances in cognitive science and non-invasive brain measurements coupled with a dramatic reduction in their cost have made it possible to begin to answer the question: What happens in your mind and brain when you design?

John Gero, probably best known from his work in combining design and AI as well as bringing computational and cognitive models in creative design, will provide some answers. In this talk, he will present results of studying the minds and brains of designers from architecture, engineering and industrial design while they design. It presents answers to questions such as:

  • are there differences in the design cognition and neurocognition of designers from different disciplines?
  • does using design tools change the design neurocognition of the designer using them?
  • does teaching design methods change students’ design cognition and neurocognition?
  • does your creativity affect your brain responses?
  • does using VR produce different responses than 2D computer display?

The talk concludes with projections for the future use of the knowledge gained from studies of your mind and brain on design.

The event will be recorded, but not streamed online.

Photo of John Gero.
John Gero

John Gero

Research Professor in Computer Science and Architecture, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

John Gero has an extensive background in a diverse set of disciplines, from design and computation to architecture, engineering, AI, cognitive psychology and computational social science. Throughout his career, he has combined these disciplines in one way or another, as a professor working in a variety of renowned universities.

He is also the chair of the international conference series Artificial Intelligence in Design, the conference series Design Computing and Cognition and the international conference series Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design.

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