Virtual Workshop - Spreading of antibiotic resistance in Finnish wastewaters. What can we do together?

Due to the long and increased worldwide usage of antibiotics there is a growing global threat of new antibiotic-resistant microorganism spread. Municipal wastewater treatment plant include biological processes with high bacterial density and suitable conditions for antibiotic resistant bacteria to interact with process bacteria under selective pressure of antibiotics.
Virtual Workshop on AMR in Wastewaters

This workshop will address the fate of antibiotics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, microplastics and other pollutants in Finnish WWTPs and their protentional impact on development and spread of antibiotic resistance. The results of the two-year project funded by Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation (project No 201800147) will be presented. The goal of the workshop is to share the up-to-date and locally data in order to start open discussion and work together on practical, meaningful, and actionable strategy for WWTP designers, operators and all other stakeholders.

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