Turning Academic Innovations to Success Stories

Wednesday 10.10. at 12:15-13:00 at Mordor, A Grid, Otakaari 5 (NOTE the day!)
Speaker: Tamir Huberman, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Yissum, Hebrew University, Israel
A Grid / Mordor

Israel is one of the most successful countries in turning university research to commercial success stories, with Hebrew University as a prime example. Use this rare opportunity to learn straight from their CIO (who is also a professional speaker) about the success stories like BriefCam, InnerEye, Apertio and the Academic courses sold by the university. What lies behind these success stories?

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Speaker's short bio

Tamir Huberman is Yissum’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and oversees  Yissum’s marketing activity, in addition Tamir is the Founder of THI. Previously,  Tamir was VP of Business Development and Director of IT at ITTN (Israel  Technology Transfer Organization). In his capacity at Yissum, he also  served on the Board of Directors at InnerEye and as an Observer on the Board at BriefCam. 

Tamir has over 20 years’ experience in deal negotiation, startup  formation, and public speaking. He is responsible for implementation of  various key IT platforms that serve the core systems of the company. 

Prior to joining Yissum in 2004, Tamir was Co-Founder of Artigon; a  member of the R&D team at Orgenics; and Head of IP and R&D at  MedisEl. He holds an MSc. in structural biology and a BSc in biology  from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a diploma in Computer & Electronics, and MBA studies at the Hebrew University. He is also a  certified Trainer of NLP from ABNLP.

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