Collaborative studio exhibition of work from MA Architecture and MA Design students exploring the applications of ceramics and clay in the built environment. Working in multi-disciplinary pairs, participants developed their perception of materiality, scale and space through the design of burnt bricks, tiles and clay modules, as well as 3D-printing, rammed earth and clay plaster possibilities in architecture.

The exhibition presents results from the intensive 7-weeks process including 1:1 prototypes of ceramic and clay surfaces, process work and visualisations of proposed designs in space.

Lecturer Nathalie Lautenbacher (Department of Design)
Associate Professor Jenni Reuter (Department of Architecture)
Senior lecturer Anni Vartola (Department of Architecture)
University lecturer Tuomas Siitonen (Department of Architecture)
Forms For Dynamism
Forms For Dynamism, Liisa Kaunisvirta and George Michelin. Photo/ Aalto-yliopisto Anne Kinnunen
Steps, Caspar Åkerblom ja Liisa Vuorenpää. Kuva Anne Kinnunen, Aalto-yliopisto
Steps, Caspar Åkerblom and Liisa Vuorenpää. Photo Anne Kinnunen, Aalto-yliopisto
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