The Future of Immersive Sound!

Open seminar: The Future of Immersive Sound!

Welcome to explore the future of immersive sound!

This Experience & Digi Platform joint event builds bridges between the grass root discoveries and big scale immersive installations. We showcase the latest immersive sound applications, discuss the future directions of AR & VR experiences, and make new friends.

This event is a side event for The Virtual Orchestra: Sibelius 360 side event. Join us if you know what immersive sound stands for, would like to know more, or want to know how Sibelius 360 installation in Ham is made.

See detailed program on Aalto Experience Platform's website!

Confirmed speakers

Marcus Korhonen, Director, Aalto Studios (event host)
Luke Ritchie, Head of Innovation & Partnerships, Philharmonia Orchestra
Ville Pulkki, Professor in Acoustics, Aalto University
Aleksi Malmberg, General Manager of Helsinki Philharmonic
Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Professor in New Media, Aalto University
Tapio Lokki, Professor in Acoustics, Aalto University
Andrea Mancianti, Composer/PhD, Aalto University


The matchmaking event is as part of the  The Virtual Orchestra: Sibelius 360 installation, and organized in collaboration with Aalto University Experience Platform, Aalto University Digi Platform, Aalto University Virtual Cinema Lab, University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy, MiklagardArts, and Helsinki Art Museum.


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