Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks

Aalto University celebrates its tenured professors with popular talks by the new tenure track professors of Associate or Full level.
Tenured Professors' Installation Talks by Lasse Lecklin

Welcome to hear about Aalto University’s research on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 14.15 at Dipoli.

All talks will be held in English and are open for everyone: professors, students, faculty, staff, and the public. The multidisciplinary talks will be followed by a reception.

Professors and topics:

Mission (im)possible – making a profitable product from steel slag and CO2 emissions?
Mika Järvinen
Department of Mechanical Engineering; School of Engineering

Quantum computer
Mikko Möttönen
Department of Applied Physics; School of Science

Shortlisted investments
Elias Rantapuska
Department of Finance; School of Business 

Sensors are everywhere – how can we transform this data into knowledge
Simo Särkkä
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation; School of Electrical Engineering


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Please note, that the talks will be videoed and documentary photographs will be taken at the event. 

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Mika Järvinen

Mika Järvinen (born 1972, Finland) obtained his Doctor of Science (Tech.) degree in the field of energy technology from Helsinki University of Technology in 2002. He has held positions of Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher (3 years) and Academy Research Fellow (5 years). In 2012, he received an associate professor's position in the Aalto University School of Engineering. He has carried out 6-month research visits both to Åbo Akademi University in Finland and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Järvinen has been actively leading several international master’s programmes at Aalto University and will start as the director of the university's Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions in October 2019.

Järvinen’s current research is related to the efficient utilisation of bioenergy in several applications, such as the recovery boilers in pulp and papermaking. Järvinen is also actively working on the research, development and commercialisation of the X2PCC technology, which utilises industrial waste materials and CO2 emissions to make valuable PCC chemicals. Järvinen’s X2PCC team received the 2015 Resonate Award from Caltech University in California with their first in the world pilot plant. 

Mika Järvinen, D.Sc., has been appointed professor of thermodynamics and combustion technology at the Aalto University School of Engineering on 21 November 2018.

Mikko Möttönen

Mikko Möttönen (born 1980, Finland) received his degree of Doctor of Science (tech.) in quantum physics from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, in 2005. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, and University of New South Wales, Australia. He has acted as the leader of the Quantum Computing and Devices group since 2007 and held an Academy Research Fellow position at Aalto University 2010–2015. He has also acted as a columnist in Helsingin Sanomat (2015) and as a part-time Research Professor at the University of Jyväskylä (2015–2017).

In his research, Möttönen focuses on quantum technology including superconducting quantum electric circuits and Bose–Einstein condensates. For example, he has discovered magnetic-monopoles analogues, quantum-limited heat conduction, and the quantum-circuit refrigerator. Möttönen is a three-time ERC grant awardee. He has coauthored more than hundred peer-reviewed articles, including in the journals Natureand Science.

Mikko Möttönen, D.Sc., has been appointed Professor of quantum technology at the Aalto University School of Science on 28 March 2019. This is a joint position between Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Elias Rantapuska

Elias Rantapuska (born 1979, Finland) received his D.Sc. (Econ.) in the field of finance at Helsinki School of Economics in 2006. Before joining Aalto University, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company from 2006 until 2010. After joining Aalto University in 2010, Elias has worked as a visiting scholar and professor at Bank of Finland, BI Norwegian Business School, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, New York University Stern School of Business, and Stockholm School of Economics.

His research interests include topics such as the role of feelings, experiences, and family relationships in investment decisions using population level registry datasets. Elias Rantapuska has published articles in leading finance journals, such as Journal of Finance. He is currently principal investigator in Academy of Finland project “shortlisted investments”, which tries to understand how individuals end up with a subset of securities to build their investment portfolio from.

Elias Rantapuska has been awarded as teacher of the year twice. He also frequently engages with practitioners in executive education, invited talks, and media.

Elias Rantapuska, D.Sc., has been appointed Professor of finance at the Aalto University School of Business on 28 August 2018.

Simo Särkkä

Simo Särkkä (born 1976, Finland) received his Doctor of Science degree in electrical and communications engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in 2006. From 2000 to 2010 he worked with Nokia Ltd., Indagon Ltd., and Nalco Company in various industrial positions related to telecommunications, positioning systems, and industrial process control, during which time he also did the doctoral dissertation as a part-time doctoral student. From 2010 he has been with Aalto University and has also held the position of Academy Research Fellow for 2013-2018.

His and his group's research interests are in multi-sensor data processing systems with applications in location sensing, health and medical technology, machine learning, inverse problems, and brain imaging. He has authored or coauthored over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles and his books "Bayesian Filtering and Smoothing" and "Applied Stochastic Differential Equations" along with the Chinese translation of the former were recently published via the Cambridge University Press. He is also a Docent of Tampere and LUT Universities, Fellow of European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), visiting researcher of Alan Turing Institute (ATI), and affiliated with Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI).

Simo Särkkä, D.Sc., has been appointed Professor of electrical engineering at the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering on 6 May 2019.

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