Sustainable change through global encounters

The impact of our actions is not always obvious and might only become visible as the time passes. Our exhibition tells stories about border-crossing collaboration on sustainability challenges, highlighting the experienced and created impact of seemingly small actions.
People in a brainstorming session in Nepal
Late night brainstorming in Nepal. Photo: Carles Martinez
Girl looking at a drawing regarding sanitation practices
Activity on sharing sanitation practices across cultures. Photo: Jan Ahlstedt

The Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) educational programme is multidisciplinary and focuses on global development and pathways to sustainability.

Since 2006, students of SGT have collaborated with partners from academia, industries, governmental and civil society organizations and communities in various parts of the world to address challenges like urbanization, cultural heritage and sustainable technologies.

Through immersive stories and interactive elements, visitors of our exhibition are encouraged to explore the stories of SGT and reflect on how their own actions can create impact.

Action Lab Mexico: Prototypes and Playfulness
Action Lab Mexico: prototypes and playfulness. Photo: Jan Ahlstedt

The project team

  • Distinguished Professor Olli Varis – academic leader  
  • Matleena Muhonen – programme manager, pedagogical expert  
  • Julia Sundman – doctoral researcher, pedagogical support 
  • Vera Väänänen – exhibition assistant 
SGT15 Action Lab Mexico Group reflections on the field/photo by Jan Ahlstedt

SGT Programme

Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT), organized under Water and Environmental Engineering Master's Programme, is a multidisciplinary education program that focuses on sustainable technologies, urbanization and development, to contribute to environmental, cultural, and societal impacts in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Wood crystals on a black fabric.

Designs for a Cooler Planet

This fall, the festival celebrates innovative and collaborative designs addressing the impossible sustainability challenges. Experience tomorrow in Otaniemi on 6 Sept – 3 Oct 2024!

A portrait of Pekka Haavisto, member of parliament

Open keynote lecture: Pekka Haavisto

Pekka Haavisto's keynote lecture

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