Sustainability challenges: Current and future trends in solar energy – focus on India

Building dialogue on new energy systems and solar energy at large.

Join us to meet and discuss with representatives of five key Indian Science and Technology Ministry’s core support groups visiting Aalto University to build dialogue on new energy systems and solar energy at large. Lal Singh HRG (Himalayan Research Group), Professor Santi Pada Gonchaudhury from NBIRT (Nath Bose Instutute for Rural Technologies), Rakesh Kumar from HESCO, Yogesh Kulkarni Vigyan Ashram and Reghu Rama Das from Mitraniketan are here to create dialogue with Aalto research and collaboration in Finland for International Solar Alliance. 


14.15-14.30 Get together with coffee

14.30-15.30  Solving the Strorage Problem

  • S.P. Gonchaudhury, INSIC: Converting existing hydropower plants and reservoirs to pumped-storage hydropower: a way to solve a major part of the storage problem? 
  • Peter Lund: Optimum interplay between PV and energy storage’
  • Professor Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio:  New trends in energy storage and conversion, Aalto University School of Engineering 

15.30 -16.15 Clean cooking energy for the billions

  • Ninad Mutatkar (Fortum): Microgrids in India - enabling transition to 24-7 reliability
  • Pasi Ylirisku: The potential and problems of biomass or solar heated TEGs (thermo-electric generators)

16.15-16.45 Coffee break 

16.45-18.00 Emerging trends and exciting new solar energy innovations

  •  Ph.D Salla Puupponen: Novel phase change material compositions for heat transfer and storage applications. Kemira  & Aalto University
  • Syed Ghufran Hashmi: Cheap, printable perovskite solar cells: the future of solar power?
  • Kati Miettunen: Solar energy and materials in the device life cycle
  • Risto Isomäki:  The quest for more ecologiocal and climate-friendly air-conditioning, what Registkind of things have been proposed?
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