Study Pre-Registration and Registered Reports (Q&A)

Come and ask about the pre-registration of studies!
Study Pre-Registration and Registered Reports (Q&A)


Pre-registration of the research plan in a public repository makes the research hypothesis, study design and planned analysis available before data is collected. Registered reports are research articles that are peer-reviewed and published in two stages, that is, both the registered research plan and the written report are peer-reviewed. Although pre-registration is perhaps most prevalent in medical research, the EU’s new Horizon Europe Program recommends pre-registration of studies to all grant winners. Come and ask about the pre-registration of studies!

We recommend watching the training material “Study pre-registration and registered reports” before joining this Q&A session (watching the video is not mandatory to join the session).

We encourage participants to submit questions in advance to instructors.

Who can participate?

The webinar is free and open to all.


A one-hour Q&A session.

Schedule and location

The training will be held online via Zoom on December 1, at 1–2.00 PM Eastern European Time (EET).


Dr. Enrico Glerean, Data Agent, Staff Scientist, School of Science, Aalto University


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