Structural exploration with flexible wood. Pavilion design in LVL (Laminated veneer lumber)

Exhibition showcasing the master's course outcomes from "ARK-E1021 - Studio Spring, Design of Structures", Department of Architecture, Aalto University.
Plywood bent into the shape of a pavillion

The studio focuses on researching material components and structural systems that are based on dynamic bending and twisting of industrial timber - LVL.

The course is divided into two parts. In the first half, students learned about the behavior of flexible LVL structures by working with physical scale models. The exploration methods are both manual and computer based. Students were introduced to parametric modeling and digital fabrication during this part of the course. In the second half, students designed a pavilion based on the findings from the first part, expressing the novel tectonics and structure as space.

Students: Hung Kwong Lau, Chengcheng Peng, Amelie Bernard, Ville Heikkilä, Jules
Francois, Nieto Puig Joan, Pihla Tammisto, Feliú Cavallo Josefina, Juliana Xiong.

Instructors: Prof.Dr. Toni Kotnik (research leave), Markus Wikar (university teacher, architect), Sichen Dong (PhD researcher, architect)

Guest lecturers: Prof. Markus Matthias Hudert (Aarhus University), Laura Zubillaga (university teacher), Prof. Jarkko Niiranen, Markou Athanasios.

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