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How can co-working be encouraged in the hierarchical culture of Uganda? How can community tourism be promoted in an off-the-map village in Mexico? Come hear the answers to these questions and many more in the SGT Studio presentations on the 15th of May!
SGT studio course logo banner photo: Raffaella Carluccio

The 2019 SGT Studio course is coming to an end! From the beginning of the year, four multidisciplinary student teams have been working hard on tackling real-life development challenges in four different countries. Come witness the innovative solutions, stories and findings from the field and the final development proposals of the teams at the SGT Studio Presentation event. The four projects presented are:

🇰🇪 KENYA: Finding self-sustaining and efficient ways to manage water resources

🇳🇵 NEPAL: Building disaster resilience through communal synergies

🇺🇬 UGANDA: Promoting creative co-working and innovation in Makerere University

🇲🇽 MEXICO: Mapping the village of EL 20 to promote community tourism

Find short summaries of the projects here.

The morning will begin with a short introduction of the SGT Studio, after which the student teams will present their projects. The event will conclude with a panel discussion and some relaxed mingling.

A warm welcome to all!


SGT – Sustainable Global Technologies Programme combines engineering, architecture, design and business to contribute to sustainable development and global challenges. Each year, students take part in real-life projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America to study the diverse connections between sustainability, technology, cultural and societal challenges.

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