Startup Experience: Growth hacking

Heard about growth hacking but not really had the chance to practice it yourself? Or not even sure what it really means? Fret not, this is for you!
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Here comes a crash course into the world of growth hacking! We'll share useful methods and approaches, and help you get started with concrete exercises. The growth hacking methodology and mindset will offer you an improved way of running digital areas of your business, where continuous optimization based on data and proven concepts is at the heart of growth. No worries, actual hacking is not required.

This Startup Experience open lecture is run by Katarina Naumanen and Matti Liski from Columbia Road, a Nordic digital sales consultancy. If you don’t know what that means or if you’re otherwise interested in hearing more, feel free to have a chat with Katarina and Matti after the workshop!

Startup Experience is an AVP course covering the essentials of entrepreneurship and founding a startup: all the way from initial problem definition to the final investor pitch. Some of the lectures are open to all and free to attend – like this one!

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