Special Seminar: Hironori Yoshida "Design and Fabrication with Non-standard Materials"

Hironori Yoshida is a Researcher at Preferred Networks, Inc and a Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo.

Design and Fabrication with Non-standard Materials

Hironori Yoshida
Preferred Networks, Inc & University of Tokyo

Tuesday, 11 January at 10:30
via Zoom: request the link by email [email protected]

Abstract: Today's living environments are surrounded by standardized objects and materials that are produced in controlled mass production lines. Spotlighting "non-standard materials" that are mostly abandoned or chipped until qualifying standards, this talk explores how to utilize them with as little processing as possible, namely for interior and architecture applications. The talk first briefly introduces the backgrounds of the presenter, and then walks through a few methods to design and fabricate with non-standard materials enabled by recent interaction technologies. Finally, the talk envisions the future of non-standard materials with related technologies that become more commonly accepted as another form to consist of living environments.

Bio: My research lies in Human-Computer Interaction, specifically focusing on man-machine-material interaction for design and fabrication. I have been developing design tools that can take highly varied resources, such as tree branches, stones, and even abandoned bi-products, that I call "non-standard materials".

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