Seminar on urban renewal in the context of multi-owned housing

Warm welcome to an open seminar on urban renewal organized by the Department of Built Environment on 6th of February 2020!

In the seminar, Professor Hazel Easthope from University of New South Wales will give a lecture on research on strata renewal in Australia. This topic is highly relevant in Finland as well, as Limited Liability Housing Companies Act (1599/2009, amendments up to 193/2019 included) was recently revised in order to facilitate renewal (‘purkava uusrakentaminen’) in the context of housing companies, Finnish version of apartment ownership. After Easthope’s lecture, Dr. Juho-Pekka Virtanen from Aalto University will give a presentation on the future possibilities of 3D city models in such renewal. The seminar will conclude with discussion and questions.


• Professor Kauko Viitanen: Welcome and opening words

• Professor Hazel Easthope: Research on strata renewal in Australia

• Dr. Juho-Pekka Virtanen: Future 3D city models for collaborative decision-making

• Questions and discussion led by professor Kauko Viitanen

For any questions, please contact Tuulia Puustinen, [email protected]

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