Safety and ISO standards for designing electric mobile machinery training day 1

Safety and ISO standards for designing electric mobile machinery training day 1

Companies as well as faculty, staff, and students of Aalto University are invited to attend the first seminar & training of the Easy Zonal Hydraulics (EZE) research project. The is an online event. 

Come and hear how to meet safety requirements for hybrid/electric off-road machinery and stationary applications! 

The training addresses requirements of a combination of hydraulics and electric systems for developing hybrid/electric non-road mobile machines.

The business-oriented EZE project builds on the hybrid/electric non-road mobile machine and zonal hydraulics concepts and expands the results of the previous EL-Zon project to new challenging applications and practical guidance for companies. New features such as high controllability, diagnostics/condition monitoring, and safety are investigated in the EZE project. The two-year project is funded by Business Finland. 

The event is organized in cooperation with FIMA, Forum for Intelligent Machines ry. 

Agenda at 12-15 (Helsinki time zone)

Opening speech

EZE seminar presentations 

  • Introduction to zonal hydraulics, market state-of-the-art (prof. T.Minav)
  • Initial project results (test rig Dolores, micro excavator, and stationary applications) (Dr. O. Calonious)

Safety and ISO standards for designing electric mobile machinery training day 1, D.Sc. Massimiliano Ruggeri

Closing words


Participation is free of charge. Please register here. 

Further information

Regarding project results:
Prof. D.Sc. Matti Pietola, [email protected]
D.Sc. Olof Calonius, [email protected]
Prof. D.Sc. Tatiana Minav, [email protected]

D.Sc. Massimiliano Ruggeri is docent at Universita' degli Studi di Ferrara and senior researcher at IMAMOTER, Institute for Agricultural and Earthmoving Machines, National Research Council of Italy (CNR). This research institute is a centre of excellence for developing of knowledge and technologies for design, production and use of agricultural and construction equipment. Sustainable development, energy efficiency and safety underpin the research actions, bridging Key Enabling Technologies with industrial application in: power transmission, unstructured robotics, man-machine interfaces, advanced materials, physical agents, interaction of machinery with environment.

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