Quantum metrology lecture series in May 2019

Danilin et al. (2018) npj Quantum Inf. 4, 29

Aalto Science Institute Visiting Fellow Prof. Andrey Lebedev (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) is teaching a short course in Practical Quantum Metrology at the Department of Applied Physics in May.

Outline of the course: 

1. Lecture 1 (15.05 at 10:15) Title: A general strategy in quantum metrology. 

2. Lecture 2 (17.05 at 10:15) Title: Phase estimation algorithms, Kitaev and semiclassical Fourier metrological procedures. 

3. Lecture 3 (24.05 at 10:15) Title: Practical metrology with transmons: a Bayesian learning approach and its application in phase estimation  procedures. 

4. Lecture 4 (27.05 at 10:15) Title: Quantum metrology of transient signals. 

5. Lecture 5 (29.05 at 10:15) Title: Toward noise measurements with qubits.

Please note: The meeting place will be Nanotalo room 161 but since all the lectures will involve the use of the laboratory and the space is limited, if you wish to participate please contact Sorin Paraoanu in advance.

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