Public defence in Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, M.Sc. Sajjad Fattaheian Dehkordi

Public defence from the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
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The title of the thesis: Resource Management in a Distribution System with High-Penetration of Renewable Energies Considering Flexibility Concept

Doctoral student: M.Sc. Sajjad Fattaheian Dehkordi
Opponent: Prof. Aydogan Ozdemir, Istanbul Technical University, Türkiye
Custos: Prof. Matti Lehtonen, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

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During recent years, the penetration of renewable energies in the network has been increasing substantially, and with the aim of transitioning to a green energy system in the future, more renewables are targeted to be added to the power system. The increasing trend of integrating renewable energy sources as well as privatization in the network has resulted in new challenges in the operation of power distribution systems. In this regard, the dependence of power generation by renewable energy sources on meteorological characteristics would challenge the conventional procedures of operating the system. 

Respectively, while the expansion of renewable energy sources would facilitate supplying the demand loads locally; the issues associated with the uncertainty and variability of power generation by these units should be addressed in future operational schemes of distribution systems. This condition has resulted in the development of the flexibility concept, which shows the capability of the system to activate flexibility service from its resources to address potential operational issues. Based on these discussions, in this dissertation, various mathematical models are developed to facilitate the contribution of the local flexible resources in a distribution system in its operational management. Accordingly, several operational conditions (e.g. real-time energy imbalance, congestion issues, and intense ramping issues) are considered in this dissertation to study the benefits of local flexible resources in improving the reliability and flexibility of distribution systems with high penetration of renewable energy sources. 

These studies and the developed management models in this thesis would be beneficial for system utilities, prosumers, and traders operating future smart green energy systems where there is a high integration of renewable energies in the grid.

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