Public defence in Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.) Ahmed

Public defence from the School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
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Title of the thesis: Hybrid Architectures at the Nanoscale: Constructing Materials through Electrostatic Interactions 

Doctoral student: M.Sc. (Tech.) Ahmed 
Opponent: Professor Tobias Beck, University of Hamburg, Germany
Custos: Professor Mauri A. Kostiainen, Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Biomolecular-based materials for future technologies 

In this doctoral dissertation, the investigation into the marvels of biomolecular-based materials, including DNA origami and protein cages, unfolds to shape nano- and microscale functional materials. The research centers on electrostatic self-assembly, 
providing meticulous control at the atomic level with applications spanning nanomedicine, optoelectronics, and water treatment. The dissertation introduces biohybrids for both DNA and protein-based materials, highlighting the successful 
development of DNA biohybrid materials with enhanced optical properties, stability, and resistance to aggregation. Additionally, it presents protein crystalline assemblies with the targeted removal of harmful substances from water and the creation of 
BioLEDs. These findings mark a substantial leap forward in the field, laying a robust foundation for pioneering solutions across diverse sectors. 
This research contributes to the broader scientific landscape by establishing a clear connection between these intricate biomolecular-based materials and synthetic counterparts. Through the integration of electrostatic self-assembly principles, the 
dissertation propels our understanding of nanomaterial design, opening avenues for innovative applications. 

Thesis available for public display 10 days prior to the defence 

Contact information:

M.Sc. (Tech.) Ahmed 
[email protected]  

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