Precursors and Atomic Layer Deposition of Gold Metal, visiting lecture by Prof. Seán Barry

Prof. Barry has been working with CVD and ALD reactant synthesis for well over a decade, and has been visiting labs such as Harvard University (Prof Roy Gordon) and University of Helsinki (Professors Leskelä and Mikko Ritala). Laboratory website link:

Precursors and Atomic Layer Deposition of Gold Metal


Gold metal is an important thin film material for enhanced spectroscopy, meta-material fabrication, plasmon-based sensing, and catalysis. Since it was first reported in 2016, deposition of gold metal by atomic layer deposition has rapidly progressed to encompass several processes using energetic co-reagents, and the mechanism of deposition has been studied to determine how the process is initiated and to improve precursor and process performance.  As well, the design of gold-containing precursors represents a delicate balance of inter- and intra-molecular forces to produce a stable but volatile species. Analysis of these forces in the solid state can provide insight into the thermodynamics of volatilization, and might predict how to control it better. An in-depth analysis of a family of potential gold precursors, and the interplay of forces that hold them together, will be presented along with an update on deposition using the known ALD precursors for gold.

The lecture is open for everybody, especially those interested in recent developments in atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Host of the event: Prof. Riikka Puurunen

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