Power dynamics and emotions in building data technologies

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Talk abstract:

In this talk, I will present insights from my research, conducted in 2019–2021, as part of two research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, ‘Data-driven society in the making’ (PI: Prof. Ilpo Helén) and ‘Data literacy for responsible decision-making’ (PI at the University of Eastern Finland University lecturer Marja Alastalo). The presentation will give an overview of video-mediated ethnographic research practice on the development and deployment of data-centric technologies in social services and health care. First, I will briefly describe my experiences of video-mediated ethnographic research practice. Second, I will focus on capturing the work of emotions and power relations as important components of building data-centric technologies in public organizations and, more broadly, public–private partnerships. I will argue that elucidating human contributions to the production, deployment and use of data technologies can inform the establishment of critical literacy around the socio-professional-technical conditions in which these technologies are embedded.

Marta Choroszewicz
Marta Choroszewicz


Marta Choroszewicz (DSocSci, Docent in sociology) is a university researcher in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. Her work as a sociologist concentrates on the intersection between research on professional work, feminist theories, and science and technology studies. In her research, Marta has broadly investigated social inequalities in professions and in relation to the development and deployment of data-centric technologies in public-sector organizations. More broadly, Marta has engaged with the issue of building a digital welfare state via the use of new data technologies.

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