Physics Research Seminar Series: Prof. Ulf Leonhardt- Forces of the Quantum Vacuum

Prof. Ulf Leonhardt (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) will give a series of four research seminars on the topic of "Forces of the Quantum Vacuum- an Introduction to Casimir Physics".
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Photo showing Prof. Ulf Leonhardt
Prof. Ulf Leonhardt

Prof. Ulf Leonhardt is a distinguished Professor of Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, who will be visiting Aalto University for one month in July. His research interests include quantum electrodynamics in media, Hawking radiation and transformation optics.

Seminar details (please note the special date of the last seminar on Thursday, 30.7.2020):

1) Setting the scene (Tue. 7.7.2020, 14.00)

Quantization of the electromagnetic field in media and in space-time; Normal modes and harmomic oscillators; Zero-point energy; Casimir’s cavity: 1D case, zeta-function renormalization; Casimir’s cavity: 3D case, Casimir’s renormalization.

2) Lifshitz theory (Tue. 14.7.2020, 14.00)

The need for a theory in dispersive and dissipative media; Point-splitting method; Fluctuation-dissipation theorem; Kubo-Martin-Schwinger relation; Lifshitz formula in planar, piece-wise homogenous media.

3) Applications (Tue. 21.7.2020, 14.00)

Imaginary frequencies for capturing the broad band of quantum forces; Thermal Casimir effect; Perfectly conducting cavity; Magnetic mirror and Casimir repulsion; Permittivity hierarchy and repulsive Casimir forces; Negative refraction and quantum levitation; The stress of edges; Engineering in the imaginary part of the spectrum.

4) Outlook (Thu. 30.7.2020, 14.00)

The quantum vacuum seen by accelerated observers (relativistic acceleration, Rindler coordinates, Unruh effect); Entanglement in the quantum vacuum; Classical analogue of the Unruh effect; The case for a Casimir cosmology.

Professor Leonhardt will also be available for consultations on special request (email to [email protected] by 10.7.2020).

Requests for the Zoom link to [email protected] (also by 10.7.2020)

Ulf Leonhardt's visit is fascilitated by the AScI Visiting Professor Programme.

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