Physics Research Seminar: Daniele Passerone (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland)

Prof. Daniele Passerone will give a research seminar while visiting the Department of Applied Physics- come and join us to listen to some great science!
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Welcome to join us for a research seminar by Daniele Passerone from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and

Prof. Passerone is a titular Professor at ETH Zürich and leading the Atomistic Simulations Group of the nanotech@surfaces laboratoryat EMPA in Dübendorf, Switzerland.

Host: Jose Lado/Correlated Quantum Materials group

Title: Atomistic modelling in the experimentalists lair: highlights from a
theoretician’s paradise


In this presentation I will introduce the main latest developments of my
group activity at the Swiss Federal laboratories for materials science
and technology.

In the last years several breakthroughs have been reached in our labs in
the fields of molecular and nano electronic transport, on-surface
synthesis of graphene related nanostructures and enantioselective
surface catalysis. After elucidating the role of theory and simulations
(from classical to beyond-dft) I will discuss the long -term challenges
including the realization of quantum effects in controlled carbon-based
nanostructures, and my ongoing projects in this constellation.

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