Photoshoot day for materials samples: book your slot now!

Aalto University Materials Platform invites researchers to its annual photo-session.
Willow CNFi_researcher Jinze Dou_photo by Valeria Azovskaya_2017
Willow CNFi samples, researcher Jinze Dou, photo Valeria Azovskaya

What we photograph:

  • A researcher can bring a starting material, end-product, waste, research samples...whatever helps to communicate the work or proposal.
  • The photographed sample should be safe enough to handle in normal laboratory conditions, as we don’t have any special protection on the spot.
  • Material samples should be bigger than a 10-cent coin and up to A4 paper size due to the equipment and time constraints.

Before the photoshoot:

  • Bring the equipment that you need to handle the sample with you (tweezers, glass or ceramic plates, support elements, etc.);
  • Some material samples can be tricky to photograph (matt/glance/deep black/white /almost transparent). If your sample shares some of those properties, please get in touch with us beforehand;
  • Prepare the sample to be photographed (i.e., take care of unwanted dust and fingerprints);
  • It helps a lot if you come with concrete ideas for the photoshoot! Please think how your sample should be photographed: What are the important details or features you would like to show. Is it a color? Or reflection? Maybe the shape or arrangement of a few samples together? What is the story the photograph should interpret for the viewer?

At the photoshoot:

  • The time-slot for one researcher/set of samples is 30 minutes. In order to maintain the schedule, please be on time;
  • At the photo shoot session, you will be asked to fill a short form and if there is enough time we can check the photos that will be edited afterward; 
  • We might ask to assist you during the time slot and ask about the project to figure out the best shot together.

After the photoshoot:

  • This time, we will prioritize ERC Consolidator grants with the application deadline on 07.02.19 among our participants. In case the material produced during photoshoot will be used for the upcoming ERC Consolidator grant, edited photos will be delivered latest on 5th of February 2019, i.e., before the application deadline. The rest of the applicants can get their photos before 9th of February 2019;
  • As part of the service, we will ask you to fill the short feedback survey after you'll get your photos. This will help us to understand how to make the service better next time and be attentive to the researchers’ needs.


  • If you cannot participate this time, please let us know. We will make sure that you will get an invitation next time we'll organize the event.

In case of questions, please get in touch:

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