Permaculture workshop

Creative Sustainability Master's students host this hands-on workshop to learn about common practices with Josh Finch from Agroecology at The Test Site
Color photo of 15-17 attendees at an outdoor workshop at an A-frame building
Joshua Finch of Agroecology leads a permaculture workshop in a grassy field 15-20 attendees
Joshua Finch of Agroecology leads the workshop

If you are interested in learning hands-on skills regarding gardening, soil preparation and planting, join Creative Sustainability students for a fun half-day workshop at The Test Site!

Find out more about Josh Finch's Agroecology

Creative Sustainability The Test Site with UWAS Innovative Approach to Circular Economy course. © Abigail Garbett

The Test Site

The Test Site is a student-led network of practical sustainability at Aalto University.

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