Opportunities and Challenges for People with Disabilities on the Web

A collaborative online meeting for developers, IT professionals and professional Web service users. We will discuss Act on the Provision of Digital Services, W3C WCAG 2.1 AA level and digital accessibility. Broaden your understanding of the EU web accessibility directive, usability for people with disabilities, training IT staff in higher education and how to include accessibility in IT architecture.
An Indonesian cave painting of a warty pig, sporting a pair of large bumps on its neck
An Indonesian cave painting of a warty pig, sporting a pair of large bumps on its neck, ranks among the oldest known artistic portrayals of an actual object or living thing (


  • W3C WCAG 2.1 AA level

  • challenges with speech recognition 

  • best ways to make accessibility evaluations in sensitive web  

  • safe collaboration with third party operators like typist, interpreters etc. 

Microsoft Teams meeting

Finnish Sign Language for the enrolled participants at Zoom Jyvaskyla

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  • Meeting ID: 989 3981 0832
  • Passcode will be sent to to participants in the beginning of the Teams meeting!


12 Welcome words

12.05 Basics of WCAG 2.1 AA level. Tapio Haanperä

12.15 Session 1: Meet a professional user!

  • 12.15 Vision impaired professionals and Web services. Matthew Hallonbacka and Tapio Haanperä
  • 12.30 Sign Language users and Web services. Antti Kronqvist
  • 12.45 Sign Language users, UX and games. Suvi Pylvänen
  • 13.00 Working with a third party service provider. Dr. Päivi Rainò and Liisa Halkosaari
  • 13.20 ASR. Prof. Mikko Kurimo/ELEC

13.30 Q & A:

13.45 Break

14 Session 2: Making an accessible system.

  • How to build a system where user can easily create accessible content, including videos or images?
  • Emerging technologies augmenting accessibility


Student at laptop. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio

Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility guidance for Aalto web sites, e-services, mobile applications and documents to implement the national Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto
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