NPHarvest: join our Q&A session about converting wastewater into eco-friendly fertiliser

Several methods for nitrogen and phosphorous removal are utilized but none harvests the nutrients. NPHarvest is the Aalto project suggesting a feasible solution. A short film "Nutrient Recovery in Action" published here on the 20th of September! We show it at the start of the Q&A.
NPHarvest pilot
NPHarvest is located at Recolab in Helsingborg, Sweden. | Photo by Juho Kaljunen

Efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. A new age for nitrogen and phosphorus production.

Several different methods for nitrogen and phosphorous removal are currently utilized. However, none of them are implemented for harvesting the nutrients. We have developed a new method for recovering nitrogen and phosphorous from different liquid waste fractions. Here, already functioning processes and reactions have been combined in an innovative way so that a “process of a new age” is born.

Ammonium salt recovered by NPHarvest.
Photo by Juho Kaljunen

Recovery is based on using calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) to transform ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) to gaseous ammonia (NH3). Ammonia is separated by stripping through a gas permeable hyrdophobic membrane. This solution is passive and does not require external energy. Separated NH3 reacts with an acid to become ammonium salt. Phosphorous that is precipitated forms calcium salts. The process does not require a warm environment so it is suitable for the Finnish environment.

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The short film "Nutrient Recovery in Action" will be published below on the 20th of September. Until then, enjoy the previous one we produced few years ago!

Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen

Interested in what we do? You are welcome to join us at our Q&A session.

On Friday 24.09 at 13:00, with the following link, you can access our Zoom space where NPHarvest team members Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen, Anna Mikola and Raed Al-Juboori will reply to all your questions and curiosities about the project. 

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