NODUS TALKS 1.5-Degree Lifestyles

NODUS TALKS series is organized by the NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group of Aalto University, bringing together researchers and practitioners on topics relevant to design, innovation and sustainability. Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, both held in English.
NODUS TALKS 1.5-Degree Lifestyles
Michael Lettenmeier

MICHAEL LETTENMEIER is a post-doctoral researcher at the NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group, Department of Design, Aalto University and the CEO of D-mat ltd. Michael has developed the 1.5-Degree Lifetyles and the 8-Tonnes Material Footprint concepts for sustainable lifestyles. In this talk, Michael will show what the 1.5-degree climate target from the Paris Agreement means from a lifestyles’ perspective, how our everyday life can contribute to the target, and what this means from the perspective of different actors in society.

Reet Aus

REET AUS is a PhD-qualified Estonian fashion designer and environmental activist who founded REET AUS COLLECTION® and THE UPSHIRT®. She is a pioneer in the field of industrial upcycling for fashion, and has developed the UPMADE® certification, in order to pass on her knowledge to brands and factories. Reet is going to talk about the radically not-wasteful new way of production model based on a scientific core methodology she developed called UPMADE®

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NODUS – Sustainable Design Research Group

NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group undertakes transdisciplinary design research for sustainable futures.

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Creative Sustainability student group presenting their solution in front of a class.

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Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.

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What's the future made of?

Planet-friendly alternatives for materials, mindsets and architecture.

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Designing Experiential Futures for 1.5 Degree Lifestyles

The Design Futures course introduces Aalto University students to the various ways in which design and futures fields intersect. This exhibition introduces experiential futures of lifestyle 1.5 through objects, artifacts and video.

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