Networking Masterclass – How to network efficiently

You will leave this workshop equipped with practical tips and tools that will prepare you for networking
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Register by Tuesday 9.10. 

How can you network effectively with potential collaborators and industry partners? You will leave this workshop equipped with practical tips and tools for networking and will get help clarifying how to speak about yourself and your work. After the session, your networking skills will be more effective and efficient. 

The workshop is facilitated by Joppe Quaedvlieg. With nine years experience as a sociotherapist in the Netherlands, and working as the Chief of Happiness for the company ArcticStartup, Joppe has developed his workshops to help people cope with the challenges of ethical communication, growing and activating their network, and non-violent conflict resolution in startup life. 

The event is free and will include lunch (with registration). It is primarily targeted towards Energy and Materials Postdoc researchers and PhD students.  

Organized jointly by the Energy Platform and the Materials Platform

In case of questions or concerns, get in touch: 
Helén Marton | Energy Platform Designer | helen.marton{at}
Heidi Henrickson | Materials Platform Manager | heidi.henrickson{at}

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