Mechatronic Circus & Demo Day 8 April, 2021

Join Mechatronic Circus and Demo Day online event on Thursday 8 April to see smart devices built by students as well as to hear the latest on mechatronics research.
Mechatronic Circus presents smart devices built by students at mechatronics courses at Aalto University.

Welcome to Mechatronic Circus & Demo Day 2021 online event on 8 April

Student demos at 9-11
Research demos at 11-14.30

The Mechatronic Circus is an annual event presenting smart devices made by Aalto University's students at the mechatronics courses. The student works are online at 9-11.

The afternoon is dedicated to presentations and demos from our research groups presenting e.g. the latest research on digital twins, machine vision and rotating machines.


Mechatronic Circus at 9-11 

9.00 Welcome
9.05 Opening words by Professor Petri Kuosmanen
9.10 Circus performance by circus artist Sanni Sarlin
9.15 Student group presentations
11.00 Closing 

Mechatronic Demo Day at 11-14.30

11.00 Opening words by Professor Kari Tammi, Aalto University
11.10 Digital Twin Web by Juuso Autiosalo, Aalto University
11.30 Short break to move into parallel sessions

Parallel sessions at 11.40 - 14.30 

Session A at 11.40-13.00

Digital Twins for connected machines 

Session chair: Samuel Cross
Session moderator: Kari Tammi

Session B at 11.40-13.00

Smart moving machines and safe operation

Session chair: Heidi Henrickson
Session moderator: Krisztina Cziner

Introduction to Machinaide project
Pauli Salminen, Aalto University

Communication of digital twin
Riku Ala-Laurinaho & Joel Mattila, Aalto University

A time machine for the digital twin in process simulation 
Harri Taskinen & Niclas Busck, IDEAL GRP

Future of crane digital twins and their connectivity with ecosystems 
Valtteri Peltoranta, Konecranes

Digital twin of a thruster drivetrain with 
virtual sensoring
Joni Keski-Rahkonen, Kongsberg 
Jesse Miettinen & Sampo Haikonen, Aalto University

Direct driven hydraulics for large mobile work
machines - Giant seesaw test bench Dolores
Robert Hermansson & Ville Närvänen, Aalto University

Electrically powered micro excavator with direct driven hydraulic actuators 
Mikael Sammatti & Juho Lehto, Aalto University

Machine vision algorithms for smart intersections
Risto Ojala, Aalto University

Detecting trash and valuables with machine vision in passenger vehicles
Nilusha Jayawickrama, Aalto University

Simulator environment to test driving assistance solutions
Klaus Kivekäs, Aalto University

13.00-13.10 Break 13.00-13.10 Break

Session A at 13.10-14.30

Digital twin interfaces; HMI
and data processing

Session chair: Samuel Cross
Session moderator: Kari Tammi

Session B at 13.10-14.30

Sustainable and digital rotating machines

Session chair: Heidi Henrickson
Session moderator: Krisztina Cziner

A mixed reality interface for digital twin based crane
Tu Xinyi, Aalto University 

Scalable IoT data pipeline with Apache Flink @ AWS 
Miika Valtonen, Remion 

A sneak peek: Online high-dimensional
modelling of industrial crane data
Tuomas Keski-Heikkilä, Aalto University 

Virtual grinding machine
Thomas Widmaier, RollResearch International 

GraphQL interface for OPC UA 
Riku Ala-Laurinaho, Aalto University 

ARotor Lab
Raine Viitala, Aalto University

Digital twin of powertrain: Straightforward modelling 
of electric powertrains in openTorsion platform 
Sampo Laine & Urho Hakonen, Aalto University

Frictionless motion: Aerostatic bearings
Mikael Miettinen & Valtteri Vainio, Aalto University

Electrical runout in eddy current based rotor condition monitoring 
Tuomas Tiainen, Aalto University

Identifying problematic rotors from cardboard and 
steel quality data 
Sampsa Lehtiniemi, Aalto University

14.30 Closing 14.30 Closing


Questions? Please contact Professor Kari Tammi or Communications Specialist Suvi Lavinto

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