Math Olympiads: do they work to attract (female) talent? Hybrid event.

On June 2 come hear Dr. Elisa Lorenzo Garcia from Université de Neuchâtel about her long experience with math Olympiads.
Dr. Elisa Lorenzo Garcia

Please note that this is a hybrid event!

You are welcome to join us on campus at U523 or online via zoom link provided to the registered participants. If you join on campus, coffee/tea and "pulla" will be served.


  • 14:00 - 14:10 Introduction with coffee/tea and "pulla"
  • 14:10 - 15:00 Math Olympiads: do they work to attract (female) talent? Talk by Dr. Elisa Lorenzo Garcia followed by open discussion

Math Olympiads: do they work to attract (female) talent?

A talk by Dr. Elisa Lorenzo Garcia. 

"I took part in math Olympiads since I was child, thanks to it I decided to study mathematics and to pursue a PhD in mathematics. This is my personal experience. But is it true in general that those Olympiads are overall positive in order to attract people to study sciences? Do they work in the same way to attract boys and girls?

In this talks I will present you the world of math Olympiads from my experience as a participant, trainer, corrector, organiser and accompanying teacher. I will also present to you some of the many factors I think should be considered to answer the previous questions." 

About the presenter

Dr. Elisa Lorenzo Garcia is a brilliant Spanish mathematician now working in Switzerland at Université de Neuchâtel. She has been awarded the prize of the Young Woman Mathematician of the Spanish Academy of Sciences.

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