Machine Learning Coffee seminar: Alexander Ilin "Sample-Efficient Deep Learning"

Helsinki region machine learning researchers will start our week by an exciting machine learning talk. The aim is to gather people from different fields of science with interest in machine learning. Porridge and coffee is served at 9:00 and the talk will begin at 9:15.
Machine Learning Coffee Seminar, image: Matti Ahlgren

Sample-Efficient Deep Learning

Alexander Ilin
Professor of Computer Science, Aalto University


The talk will cover deep learning methods designed to learn efficiently from few labelled examples. I will present Ladder networks and its extensions for semi-supervised classification, recurrent Ladder networks for unsupervised and semi-supervised learning of video and algorithms of few-shot classification: learning to learn new classification tasks from few examples.

Please spread the news and join us for our weekly habit of beginning the week by an interesting machine learning talk!

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