Living+ Forum 2019: Inclusive Environments

The focus of the Living+ Forum 2019 lecture series was Inclusive environments. Some of the topics covered include "Design for All", Multicultural Living Environments, and Aging in Cities.
Aalto Living+ Forum by Aalto Living+ Platform

The overall theme of the Living+ Forum 2019 was Inclusive environments, the study of creating environments that accommodate the needs of, and therefore feels welcoming to, everyone regardless of their physical, cultural or economic disposition.

During 7 sessions, experts from academic, public, private and NGO sectors presented research, challenges and successes in their specific fields. The lectures, two per session, took place in the Undergraduate Centre at Aalto Campus, and the Forum ended on March 14 with a lecture by Professor Joel Sanders from Yale University.

The Forum was hosted by Pirjo Sanaksenaho and Aija Staffans.


  1. Libraries as Public Living Rooms / January 10
    Hanna Harris, Director, Architecture Information Centre Finland
    Juho Grönholm, Architect, ALA Architects
  2. Multicultural Living Environments / January 17
    Mariana Salgado, Design and Research Lead, Finnish Immigration Service (Migri)
    Hossam Hewidy, Lecturer, Aalto University
  3. The Segregated City – January 24
    Venla Bernelius, Assistant Professor, Helsinki University
    Tuukka Saarimaa, Assistant Professor, Aalto University
  4. Environments for the Aging Population – January 31
    Raija Hynynen, Senior Housing Adviser, Ministry of Environment
    Ira Verma, Architect, Aalto University
  5. Architectural Democracy – February 7
    Sofia Amberla, Development Architect, Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices ATL
    Pedro Aibeo, Architect and Engineer, Aalto University
  6. Design for All – February 14
    Tapio Haanperä, Accessibility adviser, The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Kirsti Pesola, Tech.lic., Finnish Association of People with Mobility Disabilities
  7. Alternative Futures: Questioning Design Standards – March 14
    Joel Sanders, Professor, Yale University School of Architecture

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Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Professori (Associate professor)
T201 Dept. Architecture
Joel Wolff

Joel Wolff

Doctoral Researcher
Kokoon modular living system is made of wood. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

Key Research Area: Human-centred living environments

Research in this area aims to understand how individuals experience their physical environment and how art, spaces, buildings and communities can enhance it.

Research & Art
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