LIBER Symposium 2022

In May 2022, LIBER brings together about 150 researchers and over 10 invited speakers from distinguished research institutes from all over the world. The attendance will be based on invitation.
LIBER Symposium 2022
Invited speakers to LIBER symposium 2022

Symposium program

Day 1. Thursday 12.5.2022

8:45-9:15       Coffee & breakfast

9:15-9:30       Markus Linder (LIBER director, Aalto University), Welcome opening

9:30-12:40     Session 1:

Jacob Klein (Weizmann Institute), Cartilage-inspired boundary-lubricated hydrogels

Laura Rossi (Delft University of Technology), Shape-dependent and magnetic self-assembly

Thalappil Pradeep (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Chemical reactions and dynamics in nanoparticles

14:00-16:00      Session 2:

Luc Brunsveld (Eindhoven University of Technology), Protein-Protein Interactions from supramolecular complexes to drug discovery

Anna Rising (Karolinska Institute), Artificial spider silk for various applications

16:30-17:30    Session 3:

Seppo Vainio (University of Oulu), Sensing the Nanobiocosmos Inside and Exterior of the Body

17:30-18:30     Poster session

19:00-21:00     Buffet dinner

Day 2. Friday 13.5. 2022

8:45-9:30       Coffee & breakfast

9:30-11:30     Session 1:

Mikko Haataja (Princeton University), Biomolecular condensates: a materials science perspective

Rienk Eelkema (Delft University of Technology), Fuel-driven chemical reaction networks integrated in soft materials

11:40-15:00   Session 2:

Pedro Camargo (University of Helsinki), Designer nanoparticles for plasmonic catalysis

Josef Breu (University of Bayreuth), Turning Layered Materials via Liquid Crystals into Functional Coatings

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