Lecture: Practical tips on doctoral thesis supervision for thesis advisors

This lecture provides practical tips and insight for doctoral thesis advisors on successful supervision practice. Based on the lecturer’s background in the field of industrial engineering and management, the emphasis is more on those fields. This lecture will be organised as a webinar.
Study group

The lecture is open for PhD thesis advisors in all schools of Aalto University.


  1. typical challenges experienced by doctoral students in Finland, mainly in the field of industrial engineering and management
  2. how to improve the PhD process
  3. how to speed up doctoral students’ learning process
  4. practical tips to PhD thesis advisors based on the lecture's experience in the Finnish context

Dr Pekka Belt obtained his PhD in industrial engineering and management from the University of Oulu, Finland. He has extensive industrial experience from several electronics enterprises, covering company functions from technology development to international marketing. He has also given lectures and courses in many Finnish universities for doctoral candidates, from different fields, on writing doctoral theses and scientific articles.

Over the years, Pekka has been in contact with thousands of doctoral students in Finland, namely in the field of engineering, and learned about their thoughts on supervision. In this lecture, he will share these views and provide practical tips to PhD thesis advisors on how to efficiently improve supervision.

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