KAUTE talks x Aalto University — Data-driven future

Aalto University and KAUTE Foundation invites you to a virtual online event on Wednesday 9 December 2020 at 9.00–10.30. Join us for an insightful and inspiring morning!
KAUTE talks x Aalto University, photo: Mikko Raskinen

KAUTE talks x Aalto University is a new webinar series bringing together representatives from the industry and academia, to discuss and learn about world-shaping phenomena of our time through focused and thought-provoking presentations. 

The explosive growth in the amount of data has already disrupted many industries and will affect all sectors in one way or the other in the near future. This will create unforeseeable opportunities, but also challenges that have not even existed before. In this webinar we anticipate the change and discuss the ways to drive it, guided by speakers from academia, an industry-leading corporation and a research-driven start-up.

The recordings of the webinar series (opens in a new tab):

KAUTE talks x Aalto University: Building a zero-carbon society

Kaute talks x Aalto University: Diversity and inclusion in organisations. Read the blog text where Rebecca, Kristina, and Sami reply to all the brilliant chat questions they received, but didn’t have time to answer during the webcast (opens in a new tab,

Kaute talks x Aalto University — Data-driven future

  • The keynote speech will be given by Eero Korhonen, Head of News and Publisher Partnerships EMEA, Google inc.
  • A startup perspective is presented by Meeri Haataja, CEO and Co-Founder, Saidot; Chair, IEEE's Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous & Intelligent Systems.
  • The academic background is brought to you by Risto Sarvas, Professor of Practice and a Director of Information Networks education programme at Aalto University. 
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