Just Be As Though You Weren’t There At All: Mika Kiviniemi's Performative Installation

In his ever-changing installation Mika Kiviniemi explores the space as a site of performative events. The work is an artistic implementation of Kivimiemi's MA thesis in the Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art program in the Department of Arts in Aalto.
A still from the video art work portraying a hand of somebody hiding from the audience's gaze

Just Be As Though You Weren’t There At All is a performative installation taking place at the V1 – Gallery at the Aalto University Väre building. The starting point of the work has been the idea of studying the space as a performance. The artist considers three different spaces as places that can be observed as constructed performances and explores his own relation to them as a person performing in/with them. Apart from the Väre building lobby in Aalto university in Otaniemi, the project also takes place in Letonniemi nature reserve and at the artist's back yard and living room in Oulu, Finland.  

The installation consists of interactive video and sound pieces, objects, apparatus and performative elements. Kiviniemi uses the gallery space as a studio and experiments with the materials he has gathered during the process, so the installation changes every day. 

Visitors are welcome to pop in to see what’s going on and have a chat with the artist. 

The installation will also include short performances in the space and its surroundings. One of them will take place on Wednesday 13.4 at 18:00. Attending the performance is free of charge. 

The installation is open on weekdays from 12:00 to 18:00.

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