Join the HyMEx online symposium’s programme

In 2021, the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art organises HyMEx, a symposium enfolding the idea of the hybrid museum experience within an international, collaborative, practice-based research project Beyond Matter (2019–2023) that takes cultural heritage and contemporary art to the verge of virtual reality.
HyMEx is an online symposium with a live programme on May 6–7, 2021.
HyMEx 2021 Hybrid Museum Experience Symposium

Join the HyMEx online symposium’s programme

HyMEx online – May 67, 2021 |

The museum entity is currently undergoing a transmogrifying process: HyMEx aims at deconstructing and reconstructing the hybrid museum experience through the involvement of pluridisciplinary angles. The two-day symposium will bring together leading researchers, scholars in digital and experimental museology, curatorial practice, collection care, as well as researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines to exchange views on challenging situations and latest innovations in the field of hybrid museum experiences, with a focus on contemporary art.

Keynote speakers of HyMEx are Christiane PAUL (Whitney Museum of American Art | The New School) and Boris GROYS (New York University). For a detailed list of speakers please check the HyMEx site.

To attend the symposium, please register by clicking:
No registration fee is required: once submitting your data, you will receive an automatic confirmation. The symposium’s language is English. HyMEx will be scheduled on GMT+1 (CET) time.

HyMEx Early Bird: Register before April 18, 2021 and get your link to an exclusive tour! Early Bird registrants get a virtual gift in the form of an exclusive live guided tour through the exhibition BarabásiLab: Hidden Patterns. The Language of Network Thinking at Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art soon after the HyMEx symposium.

Contact: [email protected]

HyMEx Project Manager: Borbála Kálmán (Ludwig Museum)

Concept of Hymex: Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás (ZKM | Hertz-Lab), Borbála Kálmán (Ludwig Museum)

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. | |

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