Innovation in Neuroscience Seminar: From Research to Business

"Innovation in Neuroscience: From Research to Business" is a webinar that will showcase three examples of research projects that were continued towards commercialization to advance much needed innovations in neuroscience.
Helsinki Network Brain and MInd

We­binar Program

Busi­ness Fin­land R2B (old TUTLI) pro­jects

15:30–15:45 Timo Myöhänen (Neuro-PREP project, University of Helsinki)
5 min Q&A

15:50– 16:05 Marko Havu (MEG-MRI project, Aalto University)
5 min Q&A

SPARK Fin­land pro­ject

16:10–16:25 Filip Scheperjans (Microbiome-based diagnostics for Parkinson’s disease -project, Helsinki University Hospital)
5 min Q&A

Ap­ply­ing for R2B Fund­ing

16.30-16.35 Kajsa Kajander, Helsinki Innovation Services: R2B Funding tool and NABC training for University of Helsinki Researchers
5 min Q & A


Timo Myöhänen, Adjunct Professor (Pharmacology)
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy
Senior Researcher, Principal Investigator of Regenerative pharmacology group, Group Leader of PREP in neurodegenerative disorders
University of Helsinki

Marko Havu, Project Researcher & Doctoral Candidate
MEG-MRI Brain Imaging
Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Aalto University

Filip Scheperjans, MD, PhD Neurologist and clinical researcher
Department of Neurology,
Helsinki University Hospital
Founder and CEO, NeuroInnovation Oy, Helsinki, Finland

Kajsa Kajander, Business Development Director, PhD
Helsinki Innovation Services

Registration to the Zoom-webinar (University of Helsinki)

Webinar is organised by Helsinki Brain & Mind

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