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Would you like your research to make a real difference in the world? Learn what it means in practice and how to do it without giving up academic integrity by joining the intensive course by Aalto Ventures Program!
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Learn how to create real-world impact from your research in this new intensive course by Aalto Ventures Program!

If you are like most researchers, you are motivated by the thought that your research will make a real difference not only inside academia but out in the world. You want your research to have value, meaning and purpose. But what does it mean in practice? How is impact achieved without sacrificing academic integrity?  

During this course, you will learn the essentials of creating impact from research. You will discover various ways in which research can be impactful, learn key skills to help you identify and communicate the value of your research and engage with stakeholders, and become aware of key resources in the surrounding ecosystem for your support.  

For all researchers passionate about real-world change 

Skills in creating impact from your research are increasingly important at all stages of your research career, whether in winning research funding, employment outside of academia, setting up your own startup or other business or non-profit, or collaborating with the public sector or NGOs to get your research results into the hands of those who can benefit from them. Hence, the course will suit everyone doing research, starting with doctoral students and all the way to tenured professors. In short, the course is fitting for anyone active in research who is passionate about taking it out into the real world. 

Solve problems that matter 

Research impact is not a one-way process of changing the world on the basis of your research. Greater involvement with stakeholders can also make your research better and more fulfilling, as you can gain confidence that your research matters by being focused on solving important problems in the world. Clearly demonstrating the impact of your research can also help you win research funding by convincing others that your research is worth carrying out. It can also help you create an exciting career path inside or outside academia. 

Multidisciplinary and diverse 

The course will focus on skills across disciplines and illuminate multiple pathways to creating real-world impact from research. This will expose the participants to diverse possibilities of creating change in the world from their research, from founding a deep tech startup to non-profit activities. To broaden your perspective and to help you think about multiple paths, we will make sure that we expose you to different possibilities of taking your research into the hands of those who can benefit from it. 

Register for Impact from Research and learn useful skills to help you get your research into the real world! 


The course is open to all doctoral students and researchers with a doctoral degree working in Finnish universities and have selected a research topic to work on and have written a research plan for it.  

Participation in the course is limited. The priority order for student selection is:  

  1. Aalto’s doctoral students and researchers*
  2. Other Finnish university doctoral students and researchers**
  3. Other Finnish research institution researchers**  

*Register through Weboodi

** Register through registration form 

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