How to Share Research Data: Examples from engineering and human sciences, Apr 23, 2024

Learn about sharing research data with Data Agent Clemens Icheln and Information Specialist Laura Mure.
How to share research data: Examples from engineering and human sciences


Do you want to know the procedure of publishing a dataset? Or if you work in human sciences, the procedure of publishing a set of metadata? Come and see how to do these in practice! This is a step-by-step demonstration on how to publish a dataset in Zenodo, and how to publish metadata in the Aalto Current Research Information System. All steps will be shown and explained.

Who can participate?

The webinar is aimed at university staff and students who would like to explore new ways for initiating research cooperation. It really is easier than you think! The webinar is free of charge.

Learning Outcomes

After attending this webinar, you will be more aware of dedicated platforms for sharing research data and research data metadata, such as and, and you will master the basics of uploading and properly describing your own data.


A 1.5-hour webinar with a presentation and a Q&A.

Schedule and location

The training will be held online via Zoom on April 23, at 1–2 PM Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).


Dr. Clemens Icheln, University Lecturer, Docent, D.Sc. (Tech.), Data Agent, [email protected]
"I’ve been a University Lecturer at ELEC School for more than ten years. I became interested in sharing data a few years ago when our group got direct requests for the actual data we used in our publications. Properly sharing the data in Zenodo resulted in interesting new research cooperation and hence more visibility of our group in the community. So, I now try to encourage more of my colleagues - such as you - to open their data!"
Ms. Laura Mure, Information Specialist, Aalto Research Services, [email protected]

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