Higher Education OER Policies: Examples from institutional to European level, Mar 13, 2024

Learn about policies on Open Educational Resources with researchers Dr. Sandra Schön, Dr. Martin Ebner, and Dr. Rubén Vicente-Saez.
Higher Education OER Policies: Examples from institutional to European level


Open Educational Resources (OER) movement is rooted in accessible high-quality education and enables systematic change in teaching and learning content ( In this webinar, the topic of Open Educational Resources will be addressed from different strategic perspectives in higher education: Our experts will therefore address the institutional level, a country level and at the level of a European university alliance.

  • OER at TU Graz: Institutional Integration and development of OER (Dr. Martin Ebner)
    TU Graz has a long tradition in using OER in the higher education sector. In this short section the TU Graz OER policy is presented as well as further developments (OER training, OER repository, OER plug-in in the learning management system).
  • OER in Higher Education in Austria: Implementation of an OER certificate (Dr. Sandra Schön, Dr. Martin Ebner)
    Higher education institutions worldwide promote the development of OER, capacity building and dissemination. Since 2022, Austrian universities have the possibility to show their OER activities with the certificate "Certified OER Higher Education Institution" and accompanying certificates for staff. The presentation introduces this unique development and its initial effects.
  • Unite! University Alliance’s OER project (Dr. Rubén Vicente-Saez, Dr. Sandra Schön & Dr. Martin Ebner)
    "Unite! OER courses" is a project of all nine universities of the European University Alliance Unite! and aims to spread OER competences amongst the alliance. Therefore, a MOOC about the topic OER will be developed in several languages and versions and accompanied by a university course. The project is seen as a pilot to collect experiences on how to spread Open Science competences within the alliance.

Besides learning about the focus and scope of the above initiatives, the audience gets to learn about the experiences of Dr. Schön, Dr. Ebner, and Dr. Vicente-Saez when working with these initiatives.

Who can participate?

The webinar is aimed at staff and students who are interested in Open Educational Resources.  No prior knowledge is required. The webinar is open and free of charge to anyone interested in the topic.


The session consists of presentations followed by a Q&A.

Schedule and location

The training will be held online via Zoom on March 13, at 1–2.30 PM Eastern European Time (EET).


Dr. Sandra Schön - Senior Researcher - Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science - Graz University of Technology - [email protected]
Dr. Martin Ebner - Researcher - Head of Educational Technology department & senior researcher Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science - Graz University of Technology - [email protected]
Dr. Rubén Vicente-Saez - Postdoctoral Researcher - Department of Industrial Engineering and Management - Aalto University - [email protected]

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