Handling of Personal Data in Research (Q&A), Mar 18, 2024

Come ask about handling personal data in research from experts from the Aalto University Legal and Research Services.
Handling of Personal Data in Research (Q&A)


Are you handling personal data as part of your research? If you are doing research with any type of data from a living individual (for example: questionnaires, interviews, biomedical signals, data from registries, data from social media, pseudonymised data), then you are handling personal data.  

This workshop is a live questions and answers session with the Aalto University’s team of personal data experts, involving Maria Rehbinder, Senior Legal Counsel, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Legal Services; Enrico Glerean, Staff Scientist and Data Agent, School of Science; Essi Viitanen, Senior Advisor and Data Agent, Research Services; Anniina Harju, Legal Council, Legal Services and Aalto Ethics Committee. 

Please make sure that you are already familiar with Aalto University’s guidelines “How to Handle Personal Data in Research” and please watch the video “Handling of Personal Data”. The slides from the video will also be used as materials for discussion.

We encourage participants to register and submit questions in advance to instructors.

Who can participate?

The webinar is aimed at staff and students who want to improve handling and storing of personal data. The storage systems are Aalto-specific, but the principles can be applied anywhere. The webinar is open to anyone interested in the topic. No prior knowledge is required. The webinar is free of charge.


A one-hour Q&A session.

Schedule and location

The training will be held online via Zoom on March 18 at 1–2 PM (EET).


Enrico Glerean, Staff Scientist, Data Agent, School of Science, Aalto University, [email protected]
Anniina Harju, Legal Counsel, Legal Services, Aalto University, [email protected]
Maria Rehbinder, Senior Legal Counsel, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Aalto University, [email protected]
Essi Viitanen, Senior Advisor, Data Agent, Research Services, Aalto University, [email protected]

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